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Our experienced Sales, Software and Hardware support  are available M-F, 8AM to 5PM CST. Emergency after hours support available.

Who's Who of PCS-MS

At PCS Medical Solutions, we promise that you will receive a LIVE person every time you call. You will not have to wait through an automated menu or be sent to someone's voicemail. We ensure the best customer service with a professional and courteous support person at PCS.

Carmon Heilmann - President / CEO
Kevin O'Connell - IT Director
Paul Cheek - Director of Implementation and Sales
DeAnn Brees - Software Support Manager
Jamie Joyce - IT Manager
Ashley Nelson - Project Manager / Trainer
Billy Mitchell - Senior IT Technician
Trisha Bishop - Software Specialists


PCS Medical Solutions
7895 Players Forest Drive
Suite 102
Memphis, TN 38119

Telephone: (901) 757-0830
Telephone (toll free): (800) 866-4727
FAX: (901) 757-0637


IT - Computer HW Support


Telephone: (901) 757-0830


IS - Software Support


Telephone: (901) 757-0830


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PCS Medical Solutions, LLC is the largest independent provider of Medical Software and network management solutions to Physicians offices in the Mid-South. We provide world class service and products to over 400 Memphis area providers.